Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Girls + Zines Library at Tatty Divine.

I saw a tweet regarding girls and zines a while ago and HAD to find out more. As you know, I am a girl and my zine is That's Logic, so I fit the criteria. Barbara Ryan was putting a collection of zines made by girls into a library in Tatty Devine's new Brick Lane Boutique. I got involved because I loved the idea and I also love Tatty Devine's handmade jewellery ... what a combination, right?!

So I posted Issue One of That's Logic to Barbara and she sent me some lovely pictures of the library she's put together. It is now open to the public and if your work isn't already there, you can take your copy and peg it up on the wall too.

To find out more about the lovely Barbara Ryan, visit her blog
Tatty Devine also has a blog with more information about the library Tatty Devine's Blog
You can also follow Tatty Devine on twitter too

If you are near the Brick Lane Boutique, I suggest you go and check out all the fab zines there :)


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