Thursday, 9 February 2012

Photos of That's Logic Zine.

Here are some pictures of That's Logic featured in Issue #1 from some of the amazing contributors.

You can buy your copy from

Grab yours while there's still some left :) X

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Girls + Zines Library at Tatty Divine.

I saw a tweet regarding girls and zines a while ago and HAD to find out more. As you know, I am a girl and my zine is That's Logic, so I fit the criteria. Barbara Ryan was putting a collection of zines made by girls into a library in Tatty Devine's new Brick Lane Boutique. I got involved because I loved the idea and I also love Tatty Devine's handmade jewellery ... what a combination, right?!

So I posted Issue One of That's Logic to Barbara and she sent me some lovely pictures of the library she's put together. It is now open to the public and if your work isn't already there, you can take your copy and peg it up on the wall too.

To find out more about the lovely Barbara Ryan, visit her blog
Tatty Devine also has a blog with more information about the library Tatty Devine's Blog
You can also follow Tatty Devine on twitter too

If you are near the Brick Lane Boutique, I suggest you go and check out all the fab zines there :)


Monday, 15 August 2011

Fatbread Zine!

So Fatbread's first zine, Evolution, is FINALLY on sale after a lot of hype and my copy arrived on Saturday.

It's not like your typical A5 handmade and bound type zine, oh no! It looks like a magazine, A4 and professionally printed. It's limited colour and fantastic illustrations take you through evolution through very different eyes! The seven emerging illustrators that contributed have done an amazing job here!

Here are a few images to give you an idea:

These don't really do the zine justice, but you get the idea! :) The Fatbread crew will be unleashing a new zine every 4 months and I have been told the next installment will be bigger and better than this one... so keep your eyes and ears peeled.... follow Fatbread Zine on twitter to find out more!

For your very own copy of Evolution, click HERE! :)

Friday, 8 July 2011


Today is your last day to buy a copy of That's Logic Zine before I go on holiday. Who wants one???

Get yours from the link below :)


Wednesday, 1 June 2011


So it has taken me over a year to get That's Logic together but it is finally here and on sale!

For your copy follow this link to my Folksy page

I hope you all enjoy it :)



I was so happy this morning to see that Alas_ICannotSwim have regrouped and started taking submissions for a new issue! If you've not seen or heard of the girls or their zine before then check out @alasfanzine on twitter and this link for the last issue. Here's what Rosie and Katy have to say about the new issue ...

"We're 100% back, we're gradually trying to gather work together from people at the minute so we can start to create something exciting. Katy and myself have teamed up all the way from Toronto, Canada (Katy) to Newcastle, Uk (myself) which we're very happy about!! We're still after the same things as we always were, we're not changing our ethic, we're just looking for passionate people to send anything in - we're pretty flexible!! We're still after anything you can put on paper. If you could include in the post: 'Calling all poets, writers, sketchers, illustrators, activists, doodlers, mentalists, photographers, heartbreakers, and trouble makers - all contributions welcome!' And the also the email address to send things in to. There's no theme for this issue we're just celebrating being up and alive again!!"

Friday, 27 May 2011


Seen as though it has been a very long time since I updated you all on That's Logic.

I am going to finish it off this weekend!

If all goes to plan... it will be available to buy from the start of next week :D