About That's Logic Zine.

I made a wonderfully bright and not so logical typographic book illustrating the fantastic poems from the Alice in Wonderland books for my Final Major Project. Tweedledum and Tweedledee say 'that's logic' quite a lot and I thought their small phrase would make a great contradictory name to my book. For my zine (not University based!), I kept with the same trail of thought and this name was perfect! There my zine was born...

That's Logic Zine is an A5 hand bound zine, with only 25 copies made each issue. For future issues, the theme will change and so will the format!

Issue #1 features typographic work from designers all over the UK and World. The cover is made from card and the inside standard white paper. The binding is sewn on a machine with a zig-zag stitch.

 Cover by Richard Gladman and Lou Taylor

 Designers for Issue #1 include Richard Gladman, Lou Taylor, Ky Wilkinson, Madamesange, Abi Daker, Sabreen Aziz, James McGregor, Eve Bentley, Jili Allen, Felice Perkins, Jenny Robins, Aniela Murphy, David Leonard, Nicola Ellen, Riverpost, Caroline Twidle, Natsuki Otani, LaurAlvarez, Tigz Rice, Daniel Maw and James Clapham.

A link to all of the designers are on the main blog page and ALL worth checking out!