Saturday, 10 July 2010

Blast From The Past and How It All Began....

I'm sorting through some of my old work on Flickr and I've just come across some work from my final major project from last year. I made a typographic book of poems from both 'Alice in Wonderland' books.  I called it 'That's Logic'.

I called it 'That's Logic' because Tweedledee and Tweedledum say it quite a few times and well to be fair, there's no logic anywhere in the books and neither was there in my book.

I was going to re-do my book but never got the time to do so, so gave the name to this 'zine instead!

Here's the logo and what would have been the front cover if it had have been bound differently.

Check out my flickr page to see some of the original works that went into that book. Maybe one day i will re-visit them properly and make the book all over again, or even put some of the pieces in a zine....

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